Bookkeeping is necessary for your business but it is confusing and time-consuming. How do you find the time to learn when you already do everything for your business, right?

The thought of sitting down to YouTube the basics and scrolling through Quickbooks hoping you'll figure out how to make sense of it all feels overwhelming on top of what you already have to do for your business to function.

Imagine if you could...

◆ No longer dread the bookkeeping process

◆ Gain clarity around your business financial goals

◆ Learn the ins and outs to Quickbooks without wasting endless hours searching online

◆ Feel confident in managing your own books as your business grows and knowing when it's time to outsource

Well, I'm here to help you with that!

Introducing the Bookkeeping & Quickbooks 101 Bundle!

What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Bookkeeping & QuickBooks

Who this program is for

◆ Solopreneurs

◆ Small business owners

◆ Start-up companies

◆ Any business that does not want to hire a bookkeeper and uses Quickbooks

Here's what you get with this bundle:

Bookkeeping 101

◆ 15 Course Videos that students have access to for life

9-Page Course Workbook that consists of:

  • Simplified Bookkeeping Process Template
  • Financial Goals Worksheet
  • Bookkeeping Do's and Don'ts Template
  • Opportunity Cost Worksheet
  • Bookkeeper/Accountant Evaluation Worksheet
  • Business Product/List Template
  • Vendor List Template

Quickbooks 101

 User Invitation - With your request, Ecclesiastes Business Enterprise will send an invite to join Quickbooks via email

 20+ Course Videos of detailed walkthroughs on how to:

  • Set up product/service invoicing
  • Connect your business bank accounts to Quickbookss
  • Correctly record money in and money out of your business
  • And many more

 Chart of Accounts Template - Downloadable and editable document for an easy high-level view of your accounts and flexible enough to grow with your business.

Bookkeeping & Quickbooks 101 Curriculum

  How to Access Bundled Courses
Available in days
days after you enroll

Get Bookkeeping & QuickBooks 101 Bundle to learn how to manage your books and get back to running your business!


Client Testimonials

Meet Monique.

Monique is a West Philly girl and owner of Ecclesiastes Business Enterprise. She has a long history working with small business owners and enjoys seeing entrepreneurs realize their dream. 

Over the years consulting small business owners, Monique realized the most important aspect of running a business, bookkeeping, was often neglected by business owners. It was neglected for a number (pun intended) of legitimate reasons that leaves the owners she was working with at a significant disadvantage. They did not have the information they needed to make strategic, healthy business decisions. It also became a costly decision in the long run. Thus, Ecclesiates Business Enterprise you see today was born.