QuickBooks is one of the top accounting software in the small business world.  

When you first open up QuickBooks, it can be a little overwhelming but it's affordable and is an incredible tool once you get to know how it works.

What if you felt confident in bookkeeping like a pro?

What if you could be educated in the software to know when it's time to outsource to a professional so you can get back to running your business?

QuickBooks 101 is here to provide you with a solid foundation to set up and utilize QuickBooks for small business owners just like you.

QuickBooks 101 is perfect for:

◆ Students who completed Bookkeeping 101

◆ New business owners who manage their owner books

◆ Small business owners who already use QuickBooks but want the ins and outs of tools in this software

QuickBooks 101 Curriculum

(Part 3: Money In Forms Only)

Get Quickbooks101 to learn how to best utilize QuickBooks and get back to running your business!

Meet Monique.

Monique is a West Philly girl and owner of Ecclesiates Business Enterprise. She has a long history working with small business owners and enjoys seeing entrepreneurs realize their dream. 

Over the years consulting small business owners, Monique realized the most important aspect of running a business, bookkeeping, was often neglected by business owners. It was neglected for a number (pun intended) of legitimate reasons that leaves the owners she was working with at a significant disadvantage. They did not have the information they needed to make strategic, healthy business decisions. It also became a costly decision in the long run. Thus, Ecclesiates Business Enterprise you see today was born.